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Welcome to Union Gold

We at Union Gold strive continually for perfection by managing our varied products and services to bring the best to Zambia. In operation since 2000, we have gathered a decades worth of management experience to become a respected member of the Zambian business arena.


Union Gold Family Tree

Union Gold has branched out into many diversified sectors through out the years in order to compete in the business world on multiple fronts. We operate departments in order to streamline our services and provide a more focused approach to our work. These branches help to clarify our management operations and our family of companies when strategically planning for the future.


Our 6 management departments and their companies:


Construction: Velos Enterprises Ltd, Velos Sisk Zambia Ltd

Development: Arcades Developments PLC, Platinum Gold Zambia

Distribution: Kazuma Enterprises Ltd

Hospitality: Protea Hotels Zambia

Manufacturing: Kalulushi Clay Bricks Ltd, Kazuma Plastics Ltd, Zambezi Roofing Ltd

Retail: Mica, Partsworld Ltd, SPAR Zambia Ltd, The Wildlife Shop Ltd